PCO Licensed Self Drive Car Hire

Chauffeur Rentals is one of Londons leading suppliers of Prestige PCO licensed cars and Luxury MPV vehicles on a self drive hire basis in London.

All our vehicles are licensed by the Public Carriage Office for London Private Hire. Self drive PCO cars are exclusively intended for use by professionally licensed pco drivers for the purpose or transporting fare paying passengers.

Our fleet of luxury vehicles are available for immediate hire to the PCO Licensed Professional Chauffeur, Chauffeur Company or Corporate Client with the need for PCO licensed vehicles.

We can also hire to Local Authority Licensed Drivers. In our experience, some local authorities will accept our PCO licensed cars as a temporary substitution for your licensed vehicle.

Looking for a Chauffeur Driven Car

If you are looking for a Chauffeur Driven car, please visit our sister company Location Chauffeurs Ltd, who have over 30 years experience in this industry, providing a full Chauffeur Driven service.

Chauffeur Driven Service

Eco Friendly Chauffeur Vehicles

To compliment our fleet of luxury PCO Licensed vehicles, we have a selection of ECO Friendly vehicles for hire. The all electric Tesla Model S has an amazing range of 300 miles. Our top of the range Nissan Leaf all electric vehicles provide a great alternative and are available for licensed self drive hire.

Have you had a road traffic accident that was not your fault?

Do you need a replacement car whilst your vehicle is off the road?
Do you need the replacement vehicle to be licensed for Chauffeuring & Hire and Reward?
We can help smooth your journey and keep you on the road and back in business.

Call 0333 103 7277 and we’ll look to help keep you mobile.

PCO Mercedes S Class

We have available for immediate hire, Mercedes S Class High Spec Vehicles with the options of petrol, diesel and the very latest hybrid engines. They are on a self drive hire basis, fully PCO licensed for ready for private hire use.

All our vehicles are congestion charge free and licensed to carry passengers.

PCO Self Drive Mercedes E Class

Our Mercedes E Class vehicles are available in Black and Grey with full leather interior. They are among the most economical luxury private hire cars suitable for PCO licensed car hire.

PCO Licensed Mercedes V Class

Our Private Hire Mercedes V Class models are suitable for 7 passengers and are for hire to the professional Chauffeur, Chauffeur Company, Insurer or Accident Management Company..

They’re available in both long and extra long versions, come with diesel engines and a choice of seating configurations.