To fully appreciate the Model S, you need to experience it for yourself. Without doubt, it will be memorable. The electric power train is silky smooth, making every journey a pleasure.

Tesla Model S Exterior

One of the first things you notice about the Model S is its super car styling. The door handles are flush mounted, presenting when you unlock the vehicle or with a simple touch if the car is unlocked. The 19” Alloy Wheels compliment the overall design of the vehicle and are fitted with performance tyres offering very high grip in wet conditions.

The windscreen is made from both UV and Infrared blocking safety glass, combined with rain sensing wipers to give the driver the optimal view of the road ahead. This is further enhanced by Xenon headlights.

Tesla Model S PCO Licensed Self Drive Hire
Tesla Model S Interior with 17`` touch Screen Display

Tesla Model S Interior.

Most Private Hire clients will understandably be more interested in the cars interior. Trimmed with full black leather upholstery and complimenting door trims, the inside of the Tesla looks opulent. The dual zone climate control with micro-filter ventilation ensures the air and temperature inside are just right. For passenger convenience there are power outlets, USB charging ports and LED reading lights.

The most impressive feature inside the Model S is the 17” touch screen display that dominates the dashboard. This is the heart of the Tesla experience and from here, you can control almost everything. The car has a permanent internet connection (subject to network availability) and has a built in web browser and navigation system. The display is also home to the in car entertainment system and with on demand audio streaming, you can listen to whatever you like. You do of course have the option to connect you own device via bluetooth and play your own music wirelessly or make use of the built in hand free system for calls.

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For luxury Eco Friendly Chauffeuring with the lowest Carbon Footprint on the planet, you really can’t beat the Tesla Model S. Whether you’re conscious of the impact driving has on the environment or you know your clients are looking to make better choices, then this is the car for you.

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Tesla Model S Breaks The Mould

It’s surprising that people today are still unfamiliar with the name Tesla, as it’s been around since 2003 and takes its name from the famous electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943). What sets Tesla ahead of all the competitors in the fast moving electric vehicle movement is its comprehensive research and development in the use of lithium ion batteries and the production of the first electric vehicle to be capable of over 200 miles on a single charge.

In September this year, Tesla announced that it is set to build a ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada, USA. When complete, the new facility will produce more Lithium Ion batteries than the total current global production. The factory will be costing around $5 billion, so that’s quite an investment in eco technology.

The Tesla Model S is a truly groundbreaking vehicle.

For many years, we have seen a variety of electric vehicles appear on our roads in the UK, but it has been difficult to shake of that ‘Milk Float’ image that so many of us associate with EV’s or Electric Vehicles. The majority of these EV’s have been Micro Cars or adapted versions of small cars we are all familiar with and have become known as Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) due to their limited range.

The Nissan Leaf moved things forward with a much greater range than other EV’s, easily accomplishing over 100 miles between charges. Nissan also began to roll out a rapid charging network for their vehicles and as the popularity of EV’s continues to grow, companies like Source East are busy contributing to a nationwide network of charging points.

Charging the Tesla

The current Tesla Model S can cover over 300 miles between charges in ideal conditions and with the implementation of Super Charging Technology, can recharge to 80% capacity in just 40 minutes. As new Super Chargers here in the UK are appearing on a regular basis at a variety of locations form Service Areas to Hotels and Shopping Centre Car Parks, it won’t be long before they are a familiar site everywhere we go.

Of course, you don’t need a Super Charger to top up the Tesla’s batteries. There are ‘conventional’ electric charging points all over major cities and linking road networks or, you can simply plug in to a 3 pin socket at home.

Using a ‘Plugin” EV like the Tesla, also means you get to park for free in many London parking bays.

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