Chauffeur Rentals Commitment to the Environment

The Environment and our impact upon it, is playing an ever increasingly important part in our day to day lives.

As we are all becoming accountable for the affect we are having with the use of fossil fuels and other commodities, we felt it necessary to take steps to reduce the contribution that both we and our clients have on the environment when going about our daily business.

Steps we are taking to reduce our Carbon Footprint

All conventional diesel engined vehicles within our PCO Hire fleet, have been specially modified to run on processed waste vegetable oil. This processed oil is oil that has already been used once in the food industry and then been processed for use as a replacement for normal fossil fuels available at fuel stations. This type of fuel is often referred to as a 'Bio Fuel'.

We have implemented the use of a rainwater harvesting system, allowing us to collect and store sufficient water for all our valeting and vehicular needs. This reduces the energy used by the water companies treating the water and pumping it back to us.

Helping you to reduce your Impact

We all need to do our bit to help the environment. By hiring your vehicle from Chauffeur Rentals, you know that you are using an ethical company, committed to controlling their impact on the environment and so aiding you in reducing your own impact too.

Our fleet includes a range of Diesel Hybrid, Petrol Hybrid and the All Electric Tesla Model S vehicles. These are far more environmentally efficient and recommended as a low carbon option for transportation.

You can find out more about our vehicles by visiting our fleet page.

This information should in turn be passed on to your own discerning clients, who would no doubt appreciate the steps that you have taken to seek an environmentally aware provider, and your own environmental commitment.

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